After years of preparatory work, Edition Perlhuhn was founded on September 26th, 1976. Of the work in the preceding years, the puppet theatre "Collegium magicum" deserves to be mentioned, as it became well-known beyond the Göttingen region in the 1960s. There were also many exhibitions of toys and sound objects.

Three of the older games are of special importance: Piraten-Billard from 1957, which is still published by abacus, Wikinger-Schach (Viking's Chess) from 1959 and Wabanti from 1974, which was designed on request of the Göttinger Kunstverein (Göttingen Arts Association) and became particularly successful in the Kosmos edition.

More than 100 games were published by Edition Perlhuhn, most of them designed by Reinhold Wittig. Since the 1980s, guest authors' games were also published, as it became fashionable to have at least one game in our "corner shop among game publishers". You can find a short description of most games in English by clicking on the small thumbnail photograph in the list of games. There is also a List of games that are out of stock. However, if there is a game you are particularly after, it doesn't hurt to ask. Sometimes we have a copy or two left somewhere.

Due to several awards by the jury of "Spiel des Jahres", through TV reports and also through university lectures, we soon became a contact point for all those who had any kind of questions about game designing. Since questions and problems were often similar, and since there were more and more people with the desire to become small-scale publishers themselves, we called for a game authors' convention in 1983. With generous support of the city of Göttingen, this convention was held for the 30th time in June 2011. Our conventions led to the formation of the Spieleautoren-Zunft and the magazine "Spiel und Autor".

Every Friday after 5 p.m. (until at least 7 p.m.), you can visit and play games, drink tea, buy our games (and a few others), discuss gaming and the rest of the world or develop new games. Get a few impressions in our picture gallery. Welcome!

(please phone in or email first, as these gatherings sometimes need to be canceled). If you are in the area and want to come by on a different day, contact us, and we will see what we can do. Our event calendar is almost only in German so far. An English version is on our to do list, so please bear with us and shower us with questions if you cannot wait.

If you want to be updated on new releases or special activities by Edition Perlhuhn, you can subscribe to our mailing list by sending an empty email to Don't worry, we will not overdo it.

Any inquiries in English should be directed to me (Hilko Drude) at If you have sent any English emails to Reinhold Wittig in the past and haven't received a reply, we apologize and kindly ask to resend your request to me; I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We do ship our games worldwide at the actual postage costs; please tell us the country of destination when asking about the details. We do accept Paypal for orders from abroad. However, please note that we will have to charge the actual PayPal fees if the value of the games you order is below 100 Euros. Please also note that while the photos on the webpage do depict our games, the colors of playing pieces, packaging tubes and so on might be different from those in the photos. If you have questions about that, contact us, too.

When stopping by in Göttingen, please be aware that many of our games might not always be readily packed for selling. So if you already know that you are interested in certain games, let us know in advance and we will try to make sure that everything is ready.

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